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Ibra Fall People

Sheikh Amadou BambaAll of the Diop family belong to the Baye Fall movement. This important Muslim movement in Senegal was started bij Sheikh Ibrahima Fall, a disciple of marabout Sheikh Aamadu Bamba Mbakke, founder of the Mouride Brotherhood movement in West Africa.


Ibra FallThe family performs on important gatherings and ceremonies with the for Baye Fall specific music and chants.



The center of this religion is Touba. The impressive Grand Mosque receives every year during Magall some 30.000 pelgrims. This is also the place where the great marabouts live and where Ibra Fall and Amadou Bamba are burried.

Grand Mosque of Touba Grand Mosque of Touba Grand Mosque of Touba Cheikh Diop Praying Cheikh Diop Washing Cheikh Diop Praying Cheikh Diop with the remains of the roof whereunder Ibra Fall used to rest Serigne Saliou Mbacke

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