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Mama Fatou, mother of the brothers DiopThe Sing Sing family is one of the three dominant géwël-families in Dakar. The most well-known familymember is Mbaye Dieye Faye, percussionist for Youssou N'dour. "Sing Sing" is the nickname of the family Faye. The Faye family is a griot family with a long history of sabar-playing.

Originally from Sine but having since settled in the Cap Vert peninsula, the Faye family (originally of the Serer ethnic group, but eventually becoming Wolofized after settling in Dakar) has long been a prominent part of the music culture in the Dakar region. Thus ancestors Sing Sing Faye, Mousse Yess Faye, Biram Gueye, and Daouda Faye are credited with being some of the earliest great master drummers of the sabar tradition.

Sing Sing Rythmes sabar Papa Cheikh Diop, father of the brothers Diop

The current patriarch of the family is Vieux Sing Faye, a percussionist of the older generation and a contemporary of Macheikh Mbaye. Vieux Sing Faye is the Baj Géwël Ndakarou, or chief griot of Dakar, Senegal. He is the former prinicipal drummer for the Daniel Serano National Theatre, 1962-1972, and former teacher at the Conservatoire National, the leading music academy in Dakar, 1981-1990. In 1966, he was awarded the palm d'or for his outstanding presentations at the First Fesitval of Negro Arts held in Dakar.

The old family house of Sing Sing is located in the old part of Dakar called Medina, Rue 23.

Family house Sing-Sing Rythmes in Dakar Inside the sing-sing rythmes house  Thiass Faye, master teacher sabar Senebou Faye, mother of Mama Fatou, grandmother of the brothers Diop

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