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Traditional music from Senegal

Family house Sing-Sing Rythmes in DakarWe are traditional mucisians, masterdrummers of the Sing-Sing Rythmes Family of Griots from the Serere people of Senegal. We offer you our traditional music, dance and culture, the inheritance of our ancestors. We, the Diop family, live in Dakar and members of the family live in France, Germany, the Netherlands and in the US.

sabar-small.jpgOur family is famous for mastering the percussion instruments sabar, djembé and doundoun on a very high level. During long years of experience we have build our reputation of professional musicians by means of concerts, lessons and workshops in the US, Europe and Senegal. Visit our personal pages and discover what we can do for you in entertainment, lessons and/or workshops and trips to Senegal.


The world of rhythm and dance in Senegal stands in the long tradition of the various local tribes, like Wolof- and Serere people. Every ceremony and all major changes in the lives of the people were accompanied by Sabar and Djembé music, dance and singing. The knowledge about and responsibilties for the tradition was the dedicated area of the griots, families of musicians and storytellers. We learned this allready on a very young age, playing with older brothers, uncles and nephews. The house of Sing-Sing Rythmes was the place where we were initiated and finally became masters of djembé, sabar and doundoun.

Diop Percu Ibra Fall People

We travelled around in Africa, Europe and the US with the "Ballet National de Senegal" and other famous groups. Living in Europe and in the US creates a unique opportunity for us to involve the interested people in our tradition.

The name "Diop Percu" was created from the family name Diop and the abbreviation of Percussion. Ibra Fall People comes from the people the family belongs to. With Diop Percu you get Africa, energy, sun and warmth, culture and atmosphere, rhythm and dynamics.

If you want to contact Diop Percu please use our contactform or look on our personal pages for the person to call.

Familie Diop Familie Diop: Badou, Ousin, Djamil, , Jules, Djim


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