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Rob Gronkowski “will be back playing football” in 2021

Immediately after winning his fourth Super Bowl ring, Rob Gronkowski said he didn’t see why he wouldn’t be back. He was more definitive this week. The star tight end told

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Attitudes towards abortion in the DRC suggest there are ways to overcome stigma

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), restrictive abortion laws, limited medical resources, and high costs—all heightened by two decades of conflict—have led to barriers in access to safe

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Texas AG forgives $29M in unpaid bills as part of lawsuit against energy provider

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Wednesday forgave $29 million in unpaid bills as part of a lawsuit against Griddy Energy after an unusual snowstorm cut off power for millions

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Companies can silently reroute your texts to hackers, sometimes for just $16

There’s a newly discovered attack on SMS messaging that’s almost invisible to victims, and seemingly sanctioned by the telecom industry, uncovered in a report by Motherboard. The attack uses text-messaging

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Police ‘take no joy’ in refusing Sarah Everard vigils but warn people not to go

Police forces across the UK are warning people not to attend any events being held in memory of Sarah Everard as they will be breaking coronavirus rules. The 33-year-old’s death

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